The Dangers Of Religion

Ah yes. Religion. It gives people hope,a reason to live,morals, and above all….fear


Ah yes. Religion. It gives people hope,a reason to live,morals, and above all….fear. You see I like to think the man who first turned religion into the industry it is today was an incredible business man,unlike our beloved president. Oh and JESUS CHRIST the creators of the Bible were absolutely brilliant. They managed to create a book that says within the book that if you don’t listen to the book the main character of the book will zap you with lightning. Hitler could only dream of manipulating people that well.

But you see….I’m not only here to release the salt mines within me, I’m also here to warn you. Religion is like a flame from my experience, it can bring warmth to a person but it also has the potential to destroy. From what I’ve seen (which is a lot because I’ve grown up around Christianity,Catholicism,Hinduism,Sikhism,and Islam) ,religion has brought quite a bit of misfortune upon others. I’m going to speak about Hinduism right now because it is the religion I have been raised upon for the majority of my life as well as practiced. Hindus place a large amount of faith upon their gods. They donate food,jewelry,clothing, and money to temples.(like many believers of a variety of religions) They give priests hundreds to perform rituals so that their car will remain safe or so that they’ll get a good job. But this blind faith in their gods leads those believers to being taken advantage of. Priests will con Hindus into donating thousands and buying expensive idols. And in a developing country such as India where there’s a literal cash crisis, that money could be much better spent. And often when a person becomes aware of the industry they are supporting and try to leave it, they are greeted with being shunned by members of their society or are looked down upon and in some extreme cases are met with violence.

I don’t have a problem with anyone believing in god, I have a problem with religion. It divides us and is a weapon of mass destruction. I can only hope my writing has hit home with someone and made them rethink their decisions on how they worship or how they have a overall look on the industry of religion.

Hope you all enjoyed my rant Meri Pyaars!